Environmental Justice Communities Play Key Role in Derailing the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) While Calling for Community-Led Solutions

An Interview with Earth-Bound Building

A Primer by the Climate Justice Alliance

Principles of Mutual Aid

If you’ve been following how people are responding to the pandemic, you may have seen the words “mutual aid” show up in the news and across communities. That’s because “mutual aid networks” are springing up from the quick work of organizers trying to make sure their neighbors have access to what they need to survive given the failures of our government to provide an intact social safety net.

Taking Action to Resist Racist Systems of Oppression and to Build a Better World for All

Photo by Penhsamnnang Kan

“I have bodily pain that can’t be treated. An injury to the tailbone. I get anxious if I sit too long.”

“I’m sorry that I’m asking you to tell me about the police violence you experienced,” I said.

“It’s okay — I have to practice telling it in court anyway,” Sherrie-Anne André told me.

and why this work is a matter of self-transformation

Takeaways from the peoples’ climate movements in Santiago, Chile, and Madrid, Spain

A group of six climate activists sitting in front of a sign that says #COP25
Climate justice activists from the It Takes Roots Delegation in front of a COP25 sign. From left to right: Cynthia Mellon (Climate Justice Alliance), Jésus Vasquez (Organización Boricuá), Nyiesha Mallett (UPROSE), Carlos Torrealba (Jobs with Justice Florida), Nancy Huizar (Got Green Seattle), and Mikaela Curry (Kentuckians for the Commonwealth). Photo provided by Mikaela Curry.

“We are the white blood cells in the cancer of capitalism” — Monẽka de Oro, Micronesia Climate Change Alliance

This past December, Climate Justice Alliance members from organizations working in frontline communities across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam, came together in Santiago, Chile, and in Madrid, Spain, as part of the It Takes Roots delegation (and others) to put pressure on the United Nations’ climate talks and more importantly, to be in community with climate activists around the world.

Climate Justice Alliance

CJA is a national alliance of grassroots communities advancing Just Transition solutions, moving from extreme energy to locally-rooted economies.

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